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Reasons to See an Orthodontist – Grafton, MA

When to Seek Smile-Saving Orthodontic Treatment

From overlapped teeth to misaligned bites, orthodontic issues can take a serious toll on the look and function of your smile. Fortunately, that’s where Dr. Smith and Dr. Alkhoury come in! With extensive experience, advanced training, and a genuine passion for their craft, they are the experts to trust with your smile. Minor misalignment, moderate crowding, and painful, impacted canines are just a few ways they help their patients get the happy, healthy smiles they deserve. Call our office today to schedule your initial consultation!

woman with braces smiling with orthodontist in Grafton


Graphic of overcrowded teeth

Overlapped, crooked teeth don’t just negatively impact the appearance of your smile, it takes a toll on your oral health as well. That’s because overcrowding creates crevices for food particles, plaque, and other debris to hide in. As a result, you may struggle with preventing dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Luckily, braces can guide your teeth into a healthier position, providing you with a smile that looks and feels incredible.

Gapped Teeth

Graphic of gapped teeth

Spaced-out teeth are another orthodontic issue that can significantly increase your risk of dental problems. When food particles and bacteria become trapped in the gaps of your smile, they can be difficult to remove. Therefore, issues like cavities and persistent bad breath are not uncommon. To prevent that from happening, our orthodontist in Grafton can intervene with braces, which will exert just enough pressure to shift your teeth and fill the gap.


Graphic of overbite

In a healthy bite, your teeth should align seamlessly. However, if you close your mouth and notice that your upper teeth stick out much further, then you may have an overbite. Don’t worry – we have a solution. With a custom orthodontic appliance, we can move your teeth back into proper alignment. This will prevent excessive wear and tear on your teeth and create a more aesthetically pleasing smile.


Graphic of underbite

An underbite is similar to an overbite, except, in this case, the lower teeth push out further than your upper ones. Although this may take a toll on your self-confidence, it is important to know that you can leave orthodontic issues like this in the past with braces. Over the course of your treatment, you’ll see your bite realign and your healthier, happier smile begin to form.


Graphic of crossbite

A crossbite occurs when your top and bottom teeth overlap in certain areas, resulting in unpleasant side effects like excessive enamel wear and chronic jaw pain. Therefore, it’s best to seek treatment sooner rather than later. Whether your crossbite is mild or more severe, our team of experts can create a custom treatment plan to make your dream smile a reality.

Open Bite

Graphic of open bite

Often the result of extended pacifier use and thumb-sucking, an open bite is when the front teeth don’t touch when you close your mouth. Unfortunately, this can lead to worn-down molars, jaw pain, and a less than beautiful smile. Luckily, with the right tools, our orthodontist in Grafton can handle this problem head-on.

Impacted Canines

Graphic of impacted canines

Impacted canines can cause complications to the development of your child’s smile. To ensure no lasting damage is done to their adult teeth, our team can use braces to lower these teeth. The result? Better oral health and a beautiful, balanced, healthy smile!

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